It might have been on a Wintersolstice around a campfire, or somewhere in a sauna in the North of Finland, while enjoying an ice cold beer, smelling the birchwood burning in the Fire, hearing the wood cracking and watching the snowflakes outside the saunamökki, when the first sparkle, right out of the fire sprang into our heads. Why can't we enjoy this feeling back home? it's obvious! you can't! you can't just move it all back home and place it on a corner in the middle of the City, thats not how it works, but what we can do, is bring this spark we created, back home and that we did!

And with it we brought some of Finlands best spirits, beers, liquers, Lonkero and even coffee and Kuksa, but behold! Despite what you might think right now, we also brought they're spirit to party and to enjoy quality.

After we left Finland in early spring on our way back home, we knew we saw some great things, but could there be more?! we filled our tank and headed west to the Inlandsvegen in Sweden and drank ourselfs through the local craft beers and local food and we didn't stop until we reached the boarder of Norway and with it the Spirit of Mead and small villages, salmon and rain.. and let me tell you..we had a blast!! listening to music played by the Klavik Lyre, roaming thru the forrest...

Our Trunk was filled with more beer and spirits, but our search was not yet over, there must be more!! so, the urge to see it all, let us to a Boat in the North of Denmark, for one full night and day, we enjoyed the sea far as the eye reaches untill we landed in the town of Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. The færinger showed us that there is more then sheep and endless wind on those 18 Islands, once discovered by Danish Vikings. there is Beer, brewed with the purest water in the world. there is Gin, made out of the best Faroese herbs and even Tonicater, Vodka and Aquavit was offerd to us. We almost couldn't believe what we had found on our Journey and knew we wouldn't get disappointed in Iceland.. beer brewed by Vikings, bottledesigns made and influenced by the beauty of the land and sea.

We reached out to Greenland, to let them know that we are ready for Rum and Whiskey, distilled with melted Icebergwater.

On our way back we stoped in Denmark cause our trunk was not yet full, we loaded in as much as we could, honeywine, Ipa's, stouts and porter's and finally were on our way home.

It took some time, even years, but we are happy to let you know: we are ready! starting this spring, we'd like to invite you to enjoy some Nordic beverages and the spirit of the North, and let's make some Party! we have enought Booze!